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Smoking does not only affect smokers, but is causing millions of deaths for non-smokers, including babies and children.  Watch this video for more information on this.
South Africa has seen a sharp rise in the number of measles cases recently. Make sure your kids are safe. Make sure they are vaccinated.
We welcome our newborn babies to the world.
Find out more about Terminal Care benefits and how they can affect you.
Find out more about your benefits in 2015 and keep up to date!
Alcohol affects different people in different ways. Too much alcohol is bad for your health. Be safe this festive season and know when to stop.
Do you know your HIV status? Find out how to get tested and how to deal with the disease. Awareness is vital. 
Read the latest Issue of the Council of Medical schemes newsletter. It talks about standing up for women and children against violence and abuse. Let us as a nation stop this violence.
For your benefit we have linked a few websites that have good information regarding your health and medical benefits.

A healthy exercise plan is difficult and costly:
I know my HIV status:

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