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We welcome our newborn babies to the world.

It's national TB vaccinatin month. Read more about it on our Interesting Health Articles. 

This issue focuses on the rights and responsibilities of members with regards to disclosure of medical information on application of membership and waiting periods for new members.

Please ensure that your beneficiaries are registered in order for them to access benefits when it is needed.

Making sure your medical cover lasts through-out the year can be challenging.  Follow these ten tips in our Interesting Health articles.
Ultraviolet rays can be harmful to your skin. Learn more about the dangers of sun burn in our interesting articles!

Over 12 million people are infected with STI's each year in South Africa. Read more about how to avoid these 1n this month's health awareness article.

The latest and most up-to-date version of the Scheme Rules is now available.
Read our interesting article on coping with loved ones struggling with terminal diseases

Persons infected with TB rely on continuous treatment of 4 to 9 months to kill the TB virus
TB can be a life-threatening illness
  Not really 
  Yes, if not treated immediately 

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